I’m Probably Already Way Beyond Crazy, But…

Because I am a stay-at-home mom/wife, and because there are now two little ones (both in diapers…ew) to hang out with, and because spring has not yet sprung and L is too little to go out in the cold yet anyway, and because over the course of the last month my house has become extremely un-cluttered…

I have a huge fear of becoming BORED. It’s like a four-letter word to me, except of course it’s really five, but that’s not the issue here.

I can’t afford boredom. It would come at a very high price, and that would be my sanity.

Here’s my situation:

I live in a tiny little town populated mainly by middle-aged and older people. Not that those people aren’t great (most of them), but I mean, Clint and I are 27 years old and much as we might get along with people who are older than we are (yes, as opposed to getting along with younger people, which we generally don’t)(wait, what the hell am I talking about? OH!), it’s not like we’re going to be hanging out at each other’s houses and inviting each other out to have coffee or…or…whatever people do to socialize with each other.

Cripes, I’ve become a hermit.

Anyway, we also live half an hour’s drive away from a real town (oh yes, I’ve just denied the actual township of my…non-town), and that being where most of my family lives, and it being a boring drive from here to there/there to here, not to mention (although I AM mentioning it…hmm) gas prices…

Sorry, the elipses was really entertaining, and yes, I use and abuse them. It? Is that plural?

Oh! And then there’s my best friend, and also my big sister, who live even further away.

And we don’t have free/unlimited long distance. If we could get decent cell phone reception out here, that wouldn’t be a problem. But, as things stand, my bestie (oh dear, I’ve done it. I swore I would never, NEVER, ever ever ever use that word) and my sister live JUST far enough away to be long distance.


It’s not like I don’t have things to occupy a good portion of my time. I mean, kids are pretty time consuming (no, that’s not a complaint, just fact), and then there are the average household cleaning duties such as laundry and dishes. However, since I’ve been washing dishes every morning, and sometimes in the afternoon too, and the laundry pile is dwindling down to almost manageable, and between me, my mom, and my other mom (she’s not technically mine, she’s Clint’s, but I always steal his stuff anyway, so why not his mom, too? Reasonable?) most every problematic, highly cluttered spot in my house is…organized.

It’s super weird.

Not the cleanliness of it, I just mean no longer having all these overwhelming piles of useless junk lurking in every available corner or closet or cupboard of my house.

Today, I dusted the entertainment center, and if you know anything about me, you know that’s a pretty drastic measure for me. I also washed the dishes, vacuumed, and cleaned up one of the last scary cabinets in the house.

Turns out, I have a LOT of empty picture frames.

And flower seeds.

And incense.

Also an inexplicable amount of masking tape.

I’ve also spent a lot of time with both of the munchkins, started a roast in the crock pot, and baked a double batch of brownies (oh yes, homemade and inevitably delicious). While mixing the batter, I sang and danced to terrible (and yet so loveable) songs from the 90’s while E sat by in his high chair and “helped” by smearing flour and cocoa around his tray, pausing every now and then to demand “more choc-late!”

I washed my hair.

I watched a deer climb up onto my neighbor’s porch.

I changed L’s stinky diaper THREE times in a ten minute period because APPARENTLY, I am impatient/kinda dumb.

I made fun of Michael Jackson to E, who laughed despite his lack of understanding just how hilarious the joke was.

Yeah, I’d say that if spring doesn’t get here ASAP, I’m likely to go completely psycho.


2 thoughts on “I’m Probably Already Way Beyond Crazy, But…

  1. Amanda says:

    Cristen, I just thought I’d point out that less than four weeks ago you had a c-section. Which means, in case you weren’t there (although that seems unlikely), that you had your stomach cut open and a whole other person was removed, Alien-Style, from you inner depths. (Please feel free to take a minute to enjoy the imagry I have just created for you there.) Have you possibly considered taking a break from cleaning and reading a book?

    Also, I wanted to say quickly that I had similar supermom urges when my second and third children were born. It was like I needed to prove to them (or me, or my husband – who wasn’t home at the time) that I could still be just as good of a mother/housekeeper/cook/whatever with two children as I could with one. I cleaned things that I NEVER cleaned with just one kiddo, and I spent all day cooking quesadillas for my husband and his friends when I probably should have been taking a nap. Anyway, this wasn’t said quickly like I inteded but I do still want to mention that you are doing an awesome job, and you would still be doing an awesome job if you took a break and *gasp* only did dishes once a day. Or *double gasp* skipped them completely. The kids probably won’t even notice ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Cristen says:

      I really do need to slow down. Or, barring that, I could at least lay down for a nap when my son does, since the tiny baby usually sleeps a while around the same time.

      I don’t know why I have all this excess energy, really. I love having my house all nice and clean, since most of my pregnancy I was too tired to care about it, and now I have this fear that if I skip the dishes one day, I’ll think I might as well skip them again…and again…heh.

      I guess it’s probably a really good thing spring ISN’T here yet, because I’m sure I’d be out in the yard trying to rake and plant things and…you know, stuff I shouldn’t. Like moving rocks.

      Resting is…boring…but you’re right, I should give it a try more often ๐Ÿ™‚

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